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RJT & IDF Seals

Manufacturer & Supplier of Rubber Seals

Industrial Rubber Ltd manufactures a whole range of rubber seals including the ring joint type seals as well as the IDF rubber seals for hygenic food production. Available in standard and non-standard polymers.

Note: All dimensions shown are approximate as they can vary according to the material type.

When making an enquiry or ordering parts, quote the reference number together with the material suffix.

To order rubber seals:

Quote:  2″ RJT Seal in Nitrile: 08495-007

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Minimum Order Requirements

MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS APPLY – Call for details – 01329-222440 or

Rubber Moulders specialising in Custom Moulding, Injection, Compression and Transfer of all types of Precision Moulded Components. Manufactured in polymer with recognised approvals for specific industries. A leading independant UK company who’s reputation is built around flexibility, technical ability, customer service and quality ISO 9001 accreditation. In partnership with our Sister Companies in China to achieve Low Cost Manufacturing Abroad.

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