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ManeCraft Stern Shaft Seal Kits

Manufacturing ManeCraft Seals for over 15 years

The rotating seal assembly is clamped onto the shaft and compressed against the seat. As the shaft rotates, the seal assembly rotates with it. The sealing face of the seal assembly moves against the stationary bronze seat, benefiting from lubrication and cooling provided by the water inside the seal, assisted by a water flush system.

To prevent airlocks and maintain effective cooling of the seat, the flush system incorporates an air vent. This design feature ensures that if the boat is out of the water or taken ashore, no action is required upon relaunching.

ManeCraft seals are designed for easy installation and serve as direct replacements for traditional propeller shaft packed glands. They eliminate the need for packing, adjustments, or ongoing maintenance and prevent the formation of grooves on the shaft. Once installed, they only require a quick inspection along with other underwater hull fittings, such as sea cocks and hoses.

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