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A modern facility that has been operating in this market since 1973.

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Company Profile

Light Dome is a Division of Industrial Rubber Ltd and is an independent company based in the South of England with a purpose built modern facility covering 32,000 sq ft and has been operating in this market since 1973.

The Company operates in two distinct market sectors.

1. A leading independent UK component manufacturer of Rubber Mouldings, specialising in Custom Moulding using injection, compression and transfer compression.

2. A market leader in the Road Marking industry, manufacturing and marketing its Light Dome Road Products and ancillaries. The Light Dome road studs are depressible rubber inserts with retro-reflective lenses mounted in either the original elongated or the newer round cast iron bases.

Light Dome Road Products is a trading name of Industrial Rubber Ltd.


Chamfered White Insert Mk 100A

Designed to fit our round metal base LD2010, it is approved with the original Long Metal Base LD0005.  Fully tested and accredited to BS EN1463 Pt 1 & Pt 2 together with R1 & S1 Classification.

Standard White Insert Mk 8A

Light Dome achieved classes S1 & R1 in the BS EN1463 trials and is approved for use on all roads in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and many other countries.

Light Dome Road Studs are available ex-stock. A full support service is provided, including Road Stud installation instructions, Road Stud height gauges and advice.


Road Stud Housing

Metal Stud Housing or Base  LD005

Using modern foundry methods & multi cavity tooling Light Dome offers the base housing… at a highly competitive price.

Round Metal Stud Housing or Base LD2010

For use with our chamfered depressible Mk 100A only

Made the same as our standard housing above but much lighter which offers safer handling, quicker installation and cheaper transportation.

Full accreditation to BS.EN1463 Pt 1 & Pt 2.  R1 & S1 Classification. Light Dome is a registered trademark

See product resources area at the bottom of this page for installation instructions for all products

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Pedestrian Studs


Specially heat treated, which ensures maximum toughness, strength and rust resistance

Stainless Steel Studs

Available with either a fishtail or chisel shank. Designed and shaped to prevent twisting after installation. To assist skid resistance a serrated face is also available (chisel shank only).


Conforms to B.S. 1490:2018. Supplied with a raised profile to assist skid resistance, and fishtail shank.

All Studs meet the requirements of B.S. 8442:2015 and the Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions 2002

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Installation guide for our Pedestrian Studs


  • Drill a hole 32mm diameter to a depth of 80mm. Clear away dust from interior of hole and surface of the road to be covered by the head of the pelistud.
  • Note: For concrete surfaces it is necessary to prime the hole and surrounding road surface with bitumen emulsion primer prior to grouting.
  • Fill the hole fully with hot bitumen grout and immediately insert the pelistud shank and firmly press the head to the road surface, taking care that the stud is properly aligned.
  • If necessary, pressing may be supplemented by light tamping with a wood or rubber mallet or similar. On no account should the stud be hammered

The surplus of bitumen will be forced out of the hole by the ingoing shank to form a bed for the head. Any surplus bitumen beyond the area of the marker should be trimmed off.

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