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Electrical Cable Glands, Shrouds & Grommets

Cable protection for all applications

Cable Glands, Shrouds & Grommets

Electrical cable glands play a vital role in sealing and terminating various electrical systems across different industries such as power, data centers, and other infrastructure.

The primary function of cable glands is to provide complete protection to electrical equipment and enclosures by offering earth continuity, environmental protection, holding force, and additional sealing. They are designed to attach and secure the end of an electric cable and the connected device while offering earthing, grounding, insulation, bonding, and strain relief. Cable glands can also seal cables that pass through bulkheads or gland plates.

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Cable Protection

Cable glands are frequently found in hazardous or harsh environments where they need to prevent electrical sparks or flames and repel outside contaminants like dust, dirt, and fluids. Additionally, they prevent cables from becoming twisted or pulled, ensuring a secure connection and continual performance.

Industrial rubber manufacture hundreds of thousands of cable glands, shrouds and grommets annually, used in critical applications across the globe.