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Rubber gym parts

Rubber gym parts

Published - 8th Jul 2022

Health and fitness is a thriving industry. With gyms and fitness centres depending on their equipment and machinery to operate, it’s vital that they are supported by the best suppliers and manufacturers.

Rubber gym parts play a key role in the performance of fitness and exercise equipment,  from rubber pedal pads and rubber ferrules to rubber floor protection and rubber hoofs, these parts ensure equipment operates safely and reliably.

Our team of rubber injection moulding experts have the expertise to manufacture rubber gym parts and custom gym parts for the fitness industry.  So, if you’re looking for a rubber manufacturer to make spare parts for your gym equipment, sports equipment, or PE equipment, we can help.

Rubber moulding for gym parts

Strong, durable and versatile, rubber is ideal for use in the sports and fitness industry.

Rubber sports and gym parts we produce as standard include:

  • Bench buttons
  • Bench hook covers
  • Gym bar buffers
  • Pedal pads
  • Trampoline floor guards
  • Rubber Ferrules
  • Trestle pole bushes

We can also design and custom manufacture gym parts to your specific requirements (minimum orders of 500+ apply).

Sports and gym spare rubber parts

We provide gym spare parts and sports spare parts to a variety of customers within the sports, leisure, and fitness industry.

We can provide rubber end caps for fitness and gym equipment, in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, as well as replacement handles, inserts, weight stack plate washes, bench feet, treadmill running deck dampers, and more.

Custom-made rubber gym parts

We have extensive experience producing custom rubber parts specifically for use in the gym, sports and leisure industries, including gym replacement parts which we can custom design and make with our own high-performance moulding machinery.

With our custom rubber moulding manufacturing service, we can produce bespoke rubber gym parts tailored to your precise specifications. If you’re replacing an existing part, we can produce rubber mouldings from either an existing sample or from a drawing.

If you need new rubber gym parts, we can assist in the design process. We can manufacture rubber custom-moulded gym parts in quantities of 500+.

Rubber parts supplier in UK

We are a UK company based in Fareham, Hampshire. With many years of experience in manufacturing, we specialise in custom rubber moulding, including rubber gym parts.

With recognised industry approvals and quality ISO 9001 accreditation, we can achieve high-quality rubber gym products and low-cost manufacturing. There’s a reason why we’re the number one rubber product supplier of choice!

So, if you’re looking for a rubber supplier in Hampshire, the surrounding area, or anywhere else in the UK, we can help. Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your requirements today.

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