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Transfer moulding shares similarities to both the compression moulding process and injection moulding. Like compression moulding, transfer moulding uses a free standing tooling in a hydraulic heated press but has the addition of a transfer pot. This transfer pot will have feed hole(s) to the cavity(s) and a transfer pip will be visible on the parts until removed by finishing processes leaving a witness mark.

Transfer moulding process

The transfer moulding process uses pre-formed rubber blank which are placed into a “transfer pot” located between the top mould plate and a plunger. When the mould is closed and loaded into the press, the material is compressed by the plunger and transferred though sprues into the mould cavity below. When the cavity is filled, excess material spills out, flows into overflow grooves or remains in the transfer pot. The cure completed for the given period. When the cure is completed, the mould is opened and the product is de-moulded. The pot is emptied of excess rubber, reloaded with a new blank and the mould is re-assembled to mould the next part.

Transfer Moulding


  • High Cavity Count
  • One rubber blank can fill hundreds of cavities
  • Cost effective tooling
  • Tighter control of dimensional tolerance
  • Majority of excess is held into the pot
  • Economical process for medium to high precision components
  • Colour moulded parts can benefit – blanks can be cut by hand from the rubber compound reducing the chance of contamination
  • Capable of producing over-moulded components.


  • The increase of waste or excess flash
  • The flash-pad left in the pot after the transfer is cured and no longer usable
  • More expensive tooling than Compression mould
  • Slower cycle time than Injection moulding

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