Corner Shot Moulding

Corner Shot Moulding

Manufacturing extruded seals and gaskets with vulcanised corners and joints

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Industrial Rubber manufactures extruded seals and gaskets with shot moulded vulcanised corners and joints. The rubber extrusion and angle mouldings are highly durable and used in many different industrial applications that require weatherproofing such as angled window seals. They can also be used as a protective or decorative trim.

Using these techniques we manufacture large quantities of production rubber mouldings, including very large seals and gaskets for a variety of applications.

Rubber Extrusion Mouldings

Industrial rubber has developed jointing techniques to make extruded profiles into seals and gaskets. This technique applies to solid and sponge extrusions as works for a variety of polymers and materials.

Our capabilities include production of large diameter rings and picture frame gaskets for a wide range of applications. These have included:

  • Train and Bus Doors and Windows
  • Large Window Seals
  • Large Industrial Seals
  • Large Marine Seals


Industrial Rubber’s vulcanised jointing technique allows the same extrusion material to be used for the joint. It is also used for joining together two different rubber extrusions with the changes in section occurring in the moulded section.

Corner Shot Moulding

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