Elastomer suppliers 

Explore with Industrial Rubber Ltd the wide range of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE products) and rubber compounds available to suit many different customer needs in your supply chain. With over 45 years operating experience in the rubber manufacturing industry, you will be able to trust our local and international reputation built on quality. 


We aim for quality in elastomer manufacture  

Our goal is to meet many industrial specifications and approvals including: British and European standards, Automotive, MOD, WRAS and FDA requirements. We specialise in rubber moulding manufacture where we are able to offer low cost manufacturing because we hold excellent partnerships with our sister company in China. We also pledge to support all stages of your project, working in collaboration with you, especially product selection in elastomer supply and demand. 

Elastomer material properties 

The great benefit to elastomers is that the material can be moulded easily into all kinds of shapes, making this type of material incredibly useful and reliable, particularly for making valves and reliable seals. Elastomers have incredibly useful properties: 

  • Elastomers have good mechanical properties, good resistance to breaking 

  • Abrasion resistant 

  • Resist sliding on most other materials 

  • Resist passage of air, water, gas, fluids

  • Make good electrical insulators, to heat and cold 

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