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Select a manufacturing process suitable to achieve the design criteria

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Industrial Rubber is always pleased to be involved in the very early stages of your Product/Component Design.  If the design of the part is critical Industrial Rubber will use all its rubber processing experience to achieve what is required of the component using the most cost effective manufacturing methods.

But sometimes, a new component design seen through the eyes of our highly experienced Materials Technologist, Production Engineers and Manufacturing Managers can, where functionality and aesthetics allows, be adjusted to achieve a more cost effective product.

Rubber moulding design and expertise:

  • Advice on product shapes to make any tooling simpler and easier to manufacture
  • Material Selection – choosing the material best suited to give optimum performance at the best price
  • Designing the component so the lowest cost manufacturing process can be used but still maintain the functionality of the part
  • Analysis of the component price and the tooling cost for the required volumes to achieve the most cost effective solution
  • Prototypes – fully functional parts in the selected material
  • 3D Printing in “rubber like” materials
  • Reverse Engineering

Product Design

Product Feasibility

Industrial Rubber understand that rubber is a very useful engineering material having many desirable physical and chemical properties that can help solve a wide range of engineering problems.

Industrial rubber will help you establish if rubber is the most suitable material for your application we are then able to:

Review your product to select the best grade of material for your application.
Select a manufacturing process suitable to achieve the design criteria
Select a cost effective method of production

  • Industrial Rubber, with our strategic partners, are able to offer 3D modelling and printing in rubber like materials.
  • Prototype tooling and fully functional prototype parts.
  • We are also able to offer a reverse engineering service where no drawings or CAD data is available.

CAD Image

Process Selection

Rubber Products can be manufactured using a wide variety of processes and it is important that the correct process is selected.

This selection takes into account the characteristics required of the finished product along with the volumes of the part required. When Industrial Rubber receives an enquiry our expert team will review it and select the best manufacturing option, for example:

  • Moulding: Compression, Transfer Injection, Injection
  • Rubber to Metal Bonding
  • Extrusion. Continuous Cure – Autoclave
  • Extrude and Cut to Length
  • Extrude and Vulcanise into Rings or Frames
  • Cutting from Sheet material. Punching – Water Jet Cutting

Industrial Rubber can also offer a variety of post processing/ finishing operations:

  • Cryogenic De-flashing
  • Hand Trimming
  • Cutting to Length and Joining – Vulcanised Joints and Cold Bonding
  • Applying Self Adhesive Backings
  • Buffing
  • Painting – Applying Slip Coats

It is also necessary to consider both the tooling and finished product cost as the process selected can influence this considerably. We have the expertise to guide and advise our customers on the various options available to achieve a cost effective solution for the manufacture of their part.

Compression Moulding

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