Explore our selection of rubber and sponge moulded components that leading UK rubber manufacturer, Industrial Rubber Ltd can manufacture, custom made to order for our customers, discuss your requirements today.


Rubber Moulding Range

Rubber Actuator Seals Rubber Drive Belts Rubber Milking Equipment
Rubber Adaptor Seals Rubber Drive Couplings Rubber Motor Mounts
Rubber Air Pump Valves Rubber Dust Caps Rubber Mudguards
Rubber Angled Buffers Rubber End Caps Rubber Mushroom Buffers
Rubber Angled Feet Rubber Engine Mounts Rubber Nesting Buffers
Rubber Angled Ferrules Rubber to Fabric Bonding Rubber Non-Return valves
Rubber Antennae Seals Rubber Ferrules Rubber O Rings
Rubber Anti-Vibration Mounts Rubber Flanged Bushed Rubber Oval Plugs
Rubber Balls Rubber Flat Sleeves Rubber Parts Automotive
Rubber Bellows Rubber Foot Pads Rubber Pedal Pads
Rubber Buffers Angled Rubber Foot Rests Rubber Piston Seals
Rubber Blanking Grommets Rubber Gaiters Rubber Pulley Wheels
Rubber Blocks Rubber Gas Cylinder Boots Rubber Rings
Rubber Buffers Rubber Gaskets Rubber Road Studs
Rubber Bungs Rubber Glands Rubber Rollers
Rubber Bushes Rubber Grips Rubber Seals
Rubber Cable Shrouds Rubber Grommet Buffers Rubber Skirting
Rubber Cable Sleeves Rubber Grommets Rubber Spark Plug Boots
Rubber Caps Rubber Gymnasium Bench Buffers Rubber Stepped Bushes
Rubber Cats Eyes Rubber Gymnasium Bench Hook Sleeves Rubber Stern plugs
Rubber Corner Mouldings Rubber and Sponge Composite Mouldings Rubber Door Seals
Rubber Chinese Feet Rubber Gymnasium Equipment Rubber Straps
Rubber Compression Plugs Rubber Handlebar Grips Rubber Strips
Rubber Cones Rubber Hooves Rubber Suckers
Rubber Control knobs Rubber Insulators Rubber Suction Cups
Rubber Corks Rubber Jet Hoses Rubber T Buffers
Rubber Corner Buffers Rubber Keypads Rubber Tank pads
Rubber Covers Rubber Kneepads Rubber Tips
Rubber Crutch Tips Rubber Ladder Feet Rubber Trampoline Feet
Rubber Damper Seals Rubber Light Dome Rubber U Seals
Rubber Diaphragms Rubber Lorry Bumpers Rubber Valves
Rubber Discs Rubber Manifolds Rubber Washers
Rubber Doorstops Rubber Mats Rubber Watering Can Roses
Rubber Doorwedges Rubber to Metal Bonding Rubber Wiper Seals
Rubber Shot Moulded Corners Rubber Shot Moulded Joints Rubber to Plastic Bonding
Rubber Train Door Seals Rubber Train Window Seals Rubber Vulcanised Corners
Rubber Vulcanised Joints Rubber Window Seals  


Sponge Moulded Products 

Explore all our different types and grades of sponge rubber products, that can either be custom made with design and manufacture, or just simply follow your specifications to order today. Sponge rubber is so versatile, it can be used in many ways for weather proofing & insulation to shock absorbing, ideal for gasketing and sealing products. 


Sponge Moulding Range

Sponge and Solid Composite Mouldings Sponge Closed Cell Sponge Open Cell
Sponge Door Seals Sponge Extrusion Sponge Gaskets
Sponge Mouldings Sponge Seals Sponge Sheet
Sponge Sheet with Adhesive Backing Sponge Shot Moulded Corners Sponge Vulcanised Corners
Sponge Vulcanised Joints    



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Rubber Moulders specialising in Custom Moulding, Injection, Compression and Transfer of all types of Precision Moulded Components.  Manufactured in any polymer with recognised approvals for specific industries.  A leading independent UK company who's reputation is built around flexibility, technical ability, customer service and quality ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.  In partnership with our Sister Companies in China to achieve Low Cost Manufacturing Abroad.