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How mouldings are made - a basic guide

Rubber has to be prepared before it is used for moulding -

It can be milled or extruded and cut into accurate sizes and weighed to suit the item being made. For injection moulding, the rubber is supplied in continuous strip form.

mixingpreparation 1preparation 2
Material being milled           Material extruded and cut into acurately weighed forms

After loading the moulding tool with the required amount of rubber, putting it under pressure at the correct  temperature and time, the moulding is then removed from the (hot) tool.  (This shows compression moulding method)

moulding 1moulding 2moulding 2a
Various mouldings being removed from tool

After the components have cooled, they need to be de-flashed to remove all the excess rubber

moulding 4moulding 5moulding 6
Mouldings ready to be de-flashed

This can be done either by hand (using scissors) or cryogenically using a special tumbler where the components are frozen and rotated.

moulding 3bcryogenic 1cryogenic 2
Finished mouldings               Cryogenic control panel           Cryogenic tumbling drum

Parts are then inspected before going for packing, labelling and despatch

inspect 1inspect 2
Nikon measuring device and computer control equipment

Rubber Moulders specializing in Custom Rubber Moulding, Thermoplastic and rubber Injection moulding, Compression and Transfer rubber moulding of all types of Precision Moulded Components. Manufactured in any polymer with recognised approvals for specific industries. A leading independent UK company who's reputation is built around flexibilty, technical ability, customer service and quality ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. In partnership with our Sister Companies in China to achieve Low Cost Manufacturing of rubber mouldings Abroad.

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