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Sponge Material

Industrial Rubber Ltd manufacture and supply sponge rubber seals,gaskets, extrusions and mouldings in a range of polymers.  We can supply open and closed cell materials.

Closed cell sponges have low fluid absorption. Usually supplied as sheets for punched out seals & gaskets, insulation etc.
Open cell have high fluid absorption and are usually supplied as sheet for the manufacture of seals and gaskets where a high degree of compression is required to gap fill.
Industrial Rubber moulded sponges are generally closed cell with an integral skin. They can be manufactured in a range of polymers including NR, EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone depending on the environmental requirements.

Recognised International specifications ASTM D 1056 and SAE J18
Hardness is usually classified by load deflection for a 25% deflection.
Soft Usually in the range of  14 to 63 kN/M2  2 to 9 PSI.
Medium Usually in the range of   63 to 119 kN/M2.
Firm Usually in the range of  119 to 168 kN/M2

Sponge rubber has the ability to be compressed and to reduce in volume and is often used for seals when there are large tolerances of the mating parts for example ceramic pipes.

Industrial Rubber Ltd are Rubber Moulders specializing in Custom Rubber Moulding, Thermoplastic and rubber Injection moulding, Compression and Transfer rubber moulding of all types of Precision Moulded Components. Manufactured in any polymer with recognised approvals for specific industries. A leading independent UK company who's reputation is built around flexibilty, technical ability, customer service and quality ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. In partnership with our Sister Companies in China to achieve Low Cost Manufacturing of rubber mouldings Abroad.

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